New Village Hall

The BIG Lottery fund has announced this morning (17th July 2012) that it has granted £464,495  to Paull Village Hall. This grant, along with the £40,000 alredy raised by the local community will enable a New Village Hall to be built on the site of the old one. This is An artist impression is shown below

Work to demolish the current hall we hope will start by the end of July 2012 and the new building completed about Christmas 2012.

On behalf of the Management Committee can we thank everyone who has supported our application over the past 2 1/2 years of hard work, fundraising, preparing applications, etc. including the Paull Enhancement Fund whose support has no doubt brought the project forward by several years. Also all the people of Paull for all their support generosity, donations, and support at all events. THANK YOU

The current village hall began life as an army cook house. It was purchased from the War Department in 1939, moved to Paull and has been used as a community centre ever since. However, the years have taken their toll and the current building is no longer fit for purpose.

In recent years the village has also lost many of its basic facilities such as local shops, the post office and medical services. It is now classed by the government as a deprived rural community and the challenges of the economic downturn creates a high demand for services from voluntary and community organisation’s  to develop vital resources to support their local residents and help sustain their community.

In November 2009 the community of Paull was completing the renovation work to its church and the community spirit created from that project prompted the village to dream of replacing their seriously dilapidated village hall.

Public meetings were held early in 2010 and a new committee of 20 local people was formed to tackle the project. Fundraising began with all the usual events, craft fairs, sponsored events, scarecrow festivals etc. together with an application to the Big Lottery Fund.

The £464,495 award will enable the hall to become a focus for the community and provide access to a greater range of services and activities. The design of the enhanced facility will offer a more flexible, accessible and environmentally efficient community building to accommodate social, educational, health and other activities for a wide range of users.

Paul Cross (Chairman of the Management Committee) said: “Our successful application shows we have a valuable community asset that deserves support because of its key role in the life of the village. The award from the Big Lottery Fund is the fulfillment of a dream for the people of our small rural parish and is such tremendous news for our local community. We’re really looking forward to the future and making the most of this wonderful opportunity.”

“This funding will enable us to build a new, environmentally and financially sustainable village hall that will provide a community space that all 600 villagers, young and old, can use and enjoy. It will provide super-fast broadband to enable the community to develop IT solutions to some of its problems and the younger generation can play Wii games against other villages from their own halls.”

“The geographical position of Paull, on the banks of the Humber, provides the ideal location for a wind turbine to provide eco and community benefits. A planning application has been submitted to East Riding of Yorkshire Council and we hope for their positive support. It is expected the new building will be completed by the end of 2012.”

Final Stage 3 Application posted

We can confirm that our Final Stage 3 applictation was posted to The Big Lottery Fund this morning (Tuesday 10th April 2012) and its all fingers crossed for their decision which should arrive prior to July 12th 2012. The application is the culmination of 2 1/2 years work by the committee and advising professionals and of course the community for all your ideas and fundraising. Thank You and I hope that your new Village Hall will become a reality. We shall be announcing a date in the next newsletter when we shall have a Public Meeting where we shall do a presentation about what the hall could look like, funding, timescales and to answer any questions you may have.


Our stage 3 and final application to the National Lottery Reaching Communities – Community Buildings is due to be completed and submitted at the beginning of April 2012. As part of the application we have made a short annimation DVD of what the Proposed New Village Hall might look like. Have a look and then click on ‘Leave a Comment’ and let us know what you think.

We are also working on submitting a planning application for a wind turbine to be installed and we have shown what this might look like and also welcome your comments.


Designed by David Cross (Architectural & Surveying Services)

Full Planning Permission Received for New Village Hall

We are pleased to announce that we have now received FULL Planning Permission for the Proposed New Village Hall along with that already received for the demolition. We expect to receive the permission for the Annexe week commencing10th October. If anyone would like to see the detail of the application you should be able to log on to the East Riding Council Planning Website and follow the progress. We hope to have the three decisions soon.

Demolition of Hall ref: 11/02245/PCC

Erection of Annexe ref :11/02241/PLF

Erection of New Hall Ref:11/02244/PLF

Lottery Stage 2 Application

You will be aware that in April 2011 we were invited to prepare a Stage 2 Application to the BIG Lottery Reaching Communities Programme. I am pleased to report it was sent off on the 12th July. We were given 4 months to prepare the application telling the assessors a little more about what we intend to achieve, how we will go about it and who will control it. They wanted more detail on the design of the Proposed New Village Hall and how much it was going to cost. We had to set out everything we had had considered, in arriving at our decision, to build the new hall on the site of the old and how the small piece of land next door could be used to ideally compliment the project. The assessors now have 4 months to review every piece of information we have provided to ensure, that should they decide to invest any money in our project, it will have the greatest impact on our community. We did update the community at the recent Annual General Meeting but if anyone would like any further information, then please do not hesitate to call Paul Cross on 07711797200 and thank you all for your continued support.

Additional Land for the Village Hall

You will be aware that the proposed scheme for the Village Hall includes a small annexe building on the site of the former Public Toilets next to the current hall. The land is currently owned by East Riding Council and the Management Committee thought it would be a valuable asset to add it to the Village Hall Site. Paull Parish Council, who are the Custodian Trustees of the Village Hall, have been in negotiation with the council in an effort to secure the site. They had to submit a tender document by 12 noon on the 1st July 2011 and I am pleased to inform you that they were successful in their bid and will shortly complete the legal process to ensure the Village Hall Trust become the legal owners.

Letter of Support from our MP

We have received a wonderful letter of support for our project to build a New Village Hall from our local MP Mr Graham Stuart. If you would like to see a copy please click here

Lottery Survey June 2011

Over the last few days we have been around the village collecting the Lottery surveys that were put through 293 letter boxes in the community. It gave us a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk to people on the doorstep. It was amazing that so many of you had already completed the form, and had it ready by the door, clealry having given some thought to your answers. We have had a remarkable response of 51.8% of households so far returning their form .We would like to thank everyone who took the trouble to complete the form. If anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to do so, but would still like to, then you can put your completed questionaire through the letterbox of either Joan Brady at 14 Holme Close, or Myra Dale at 17 Rosegarth Bungalows.

Such a high return and response to the questions clearly demonstartes the determination of the the community to not only upgrade the current village hall, but also to provide many services such as medical, postal, fitness, leisure, activities for the children and training. We have not yet had time to examine all of the detail but we can say that 99% of the community support the project and the services and leisure activities we hope to provide. A summary of all the views will be included in the stage 2 application, together with information on the number of returns received and the strength of feelings. The stage 2 application is due for submission on the 14th July 2011 and the Big Lottery has 4 months to consider our application and either invite us into the 3rd and final stage or reject our application. In the meantime thank you once again for your massive contribution.

Planning Application New Village Hall

On Friday 20th May 2011 a Planning application was submitted to East Riding Council to build the new village hall on the land currently occupied by the existing hall. If anyone would like to see the detail of the application you should be able to log on to the East Riding Council Planning Website and follow the progress.

Lottery Funding Application

We recently reported that we had applied to The Big Lottery for funding to help with the construction of the proposed New Village Hall. Our application was sent off on the 11th February 2011 and after some discussions with the team at the Big Lottery we re-submitted our application on the 23rd March 2011. I have today (21st April 2011) received an email from them that reads:
“Dear Paul
I am pleased to tell you that we would like you to submit a full application to the Reaching Communities programme as your project is one that our committee might consider funding. Please find attached an application form and a letter that gives you some important information about your application”.
I am, therefore, very pleased to announce that our project to create a new Paull Village Hall that will benefit all sections of the community by improving its way of life, provide additional facilities, and reduce social exclusion has been accepted for the second stage of a three part application process.
We now have 3 months in which to complete this second stage to see if we will be accepted to the third and final stage. We stated in our application that the outcomes of the project are as follows:-
Outcome 1:       Improve the well-being, social and recreational opportunities, medical health of the community at an affordable cost and reduce social exclusion
Outcome 2:       Greater involvement from all sections of the community and creating a cohesive structure
Outcome 3:       Engage younger generation, providing additional resources to the school and social events to improve citizen skills and reduce anti-social behavior.
Outcome 4:       Ensure the elderly members of the community are kept physically, mentally and socially active
The second stage is all about demonstrating how these objectives can be achieved.In the meantime can I thank the whole community for your help and support in reaching this point, and whilst there is still a long way to go we can all be a little more optimistic that we can achieve our dream of seeing this:

New Village Hall Planning

As mentioned at the Public Meeting we would begin consultation with the planning authorities prior to making a full planning application. We have received a reply from the Conservation Officer who said:-“It is considered that the initial design is excellent and that the angles of the proposed building reflect the shape of the site area, and the position of the Main Street as it bends in front of the site. It is considered that the inclusion of the balcony with balastrade, this is a positive design feature, and it makes good use of the adjacent view across the Humber Esturary, which is a special feature of the Paull Conservation Area.The demolition of the existing building and the erection of a proposed building would certainly enhance the character and  appearance of the Conservation Area. If the finished materials are of a reasonable quality the building could add group value to the Conservation Area and tie in well with the setting of the lighthouse”.

National Grid Funding

National Grid has donated £2,500 to the Paull Village Hall Project as part of the close community links cultivated while constructing the new high pressure gas pipeline between the Easington coastal terminal and the pressure reduction station near to the Wetlands at Paull.Phillip Knipe, National Grid Project Manager, said “We are delighted to offer support to help the Paull Village Hall project as part of our commitment to the areas in which we work, especially when it involves improving the local community so directly.We hope this funding will make a significant difference and bring real benefit to the entire community.Paull Parish Council Chairman Graham Shaw added “We are greatful to National Grid for their generous contributuion which will benefit local people in the future. I am sure that everyone in Paull would like to extend their thanks.The Village Hall Committee has agreed that part of this money will be used to purchase the small piece of land next to the Village Hall, the former site of the public toilets, from East Riding Council. Paull Parish Council is currently in negotiation with the East Riding Council and we shall report on the outcome later.

Application to Big Lottery Fund

We are pleased to announce that our initial application for funding towards the building of a New Village Hall was emailed today (11th February 2011) to The Big Lottery. On behalf of the management committee can we thank everyone in the community of Paull who has put so much effort and time into the project thus far. Help and guidance has come from all parts, people who contributed ideas of how to regenerate our community through a new hall, those volunteers who have helped with fund-raising, and everyone who has supported all the events and projects that have been created. We asked you to demonstrate there was a need by supporting functions in the existing hall, despite its very dilapidated  state. In return the Committee promised to use its best endeavours to try to build a new facility that could provide greater access locally to a greater range of facilities.  We feel that no more could have been done and we now await the decision of The Big lottery to allow us to apply to the second stage. They promise to do this within 20 working days from today.

On Thursday 27th January 2011 in the Village Hall the Community of Paull voted unanimously for the plans for a new £350,000 Village Hall. Mr Paul Cross (Chairman of the Village Hall Committee) briefed the people of village on the work of the Committee in reviving activity within the current hall and the consultation and design for a new hall. He explained how the ideas had been put together, in particular the suggestion from resident, Mr Harold Beadle, for a second level viewing gallery where one could enjoy the spectacular views up and down the River Humber. He said that the next stage would involve an application for planning permission and funding. To be successful with the funding the community would need to demonstrate its commitment partly by raising just over £30,000 as matched funding on top of the £5,000 already raised. At this point two residents, Mrs Diane Davies and Stephen Hulme stood up and explained that they were the Trustees of a fund of money that had been given to improve the village at the time of the creation of the Wetlands and they had decided to use £30,000 of that money to donate to the Village Hall Committee so that the whole project could be brought forward significantly.

Village Hall Committee receives £30,000 cheque towards building fund

They presented a cheque for this amount to Mrs Myra Dale and Mrs Brenda Foreman who had been on the Committee for over 40 years. Mr Graham Shaw (Chairman of the Parish Council), who presided over the meeting, thanked the 97 residents for attending and for their support to the project.

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