Hall location:
Main Street,
Nr. Hull,
E. Yorkshire,
HU12 8AW
Registered Charity Number 523284
Jim Lowde
 12 Robinson Way
E Yorks
HU12 8XQ
Tel: 01482 899766
Email: Ylowde@ylowde.karoo.co.uk


Email: paullvillagehall@aol.co.uk


Management Committee
Name Address Tel No.
Jim Lowde 2 Robinson Way, Hedon  01482  899766
Brenda Foreman 13 Leonards Close, Paull 01482 898565
Peter Allan 19 Thorngumbald Road, Paull 01482 890525
Joan Brady 15 Holme Close, Paull   01482 897760
Phillip Brady   15 Holme Close, Paull   01482 897760
Katy Bryant   19, Paghill Estate, Paull   01482 896793
Irene Cross 58 Beverley Road, South Cave 01430 422509
Dianne Davies 10 Townend Road, Paull 01482 896712
Diana Edmondson 63 Main Street, Paull 01482 891630
Pat Farmer 49 Main Street, Paull   01482 896898
Cynthia Fowler 998 Holderness Road, Hull 01482 377434
Andy Knight   22 Paghill Estate, Paull   01482 890235
Angie Knight   22 Paghill Estate, Paull    01482 890235
Barry Osbourne 10 Holme Close, Paull 01482 896888
Barbara Youseff 6 Leonards Close, Paull   01482 898000
Robert Stevens   51 Ferryman Park, 01482 891170


2 Comments to “About”

  1. I think the idea of a street party for children to celebrate the Royal Wedding is an excellent idea. I would be glad to help out with food or games. I would help with organisation if required.

    • Emma thank you very much for your offer. We understand that the Humber Tavern and The Crown are keen to be involved and so we shall speak with them and get back to you as soon as possible.

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