Mike Bryan

Mike Bryan

John Dennis

John Dennis

Paull village Hall

Paull Village Hall

Well done.

We have fame at last!

The Paull Village Hall is a great venue for all our customers.

We won the award


ERYC Cllrs. John Dennis and Mike Bryan have nominate the Paull Village Hall for the East Riding Chairman’s Awards in 2 separate categories.

Cllr John Dennis said, ”The new Village Hall on Paull’s dramatic waterfront has been nominated in both the ‘Chairman’s Built Heritage’, and the ‘Community Awards’ categories, as we think the project deserves recognition and commendation on both levels. As a Built Heritage project, it is without doubt one of the most striking and charismatic buildings created in this area in recent years and is the result of a superb community effort, involving true teamwork, exceptional design skills, brilliant fund-raising, and the determination and inspired leadership of the late Paul Cross, who sadly passed away last year, a few months after the hall was formally opened. In the Community Awards context, the creation of this new facility has brought back the social heart to the village. With the opening of the new hall, this excellent facility is in regular and frequent use by community groups for leisure and learning purposes, and by residents for celebratory and family functions.”

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