Village Hall Lottery

Every four weeks we draw 3 numbers in the Village Hall Lottery in aid of the Village Hall
Below are the recent results and winners.


Drawn on 23rd May 2014
1st         206         M Lloyd             £40
2nd         56         A Hunter          £25
3rd       322         B Burges            £15

It costs just 25p per number per week and you can have as many numbers as you like. If you are not already a member and would like to join then either send an email to barryosbournes@gmail.comcontact  or ring Barry Osbourne on 01482 896888 who will be only too pleased to sign you up. We can collect the money every 4 weeks from your house or if you prefer you can pay for a full year, £13 per number. Every four weeks we shall publish the names of the winners on this website.

2 Comments to “Village Hall Lottery”

  1. Just 25p per play! How many people gennerlly enter into each Lottery?

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