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April 25, 2013

1st Wedding at the Village hall

On 20th April 2013 the New Village Hall held its first Wedding Reception. It was the wedding of Mr Kenny Harrison and Miss Joanne Murray residents of the Village. It was a bright sunny day which began with their wedding at St Andrew’s Church, Paull at 1.30pm and followed by the reception at the Village Hall. If you would like to see a collection of photographs click here


April 21, 2013

50+ Club

50+Club in the Village Hall every Tuesday morning between 9.30 am and 10.30 am. For new comers the session involves light exercise and indoor games e.g. skittles, kurling, bowls, boccia etc. If you don’t know how to play don’t worry we have plenty of people on hand who will teach you. It only costs £1.50 for the hour which includes tea and biscuits. It is a great way to start your day and we know you will enjoy it. So come along each Tuesday and keep fit while having fun.

April 19, 2013


Approximately once a month we produce a newsletter that is delivered to all houses within the village of Paull keeping everyone up to date with current and future activities in the Village. Some people who live outside the village have asked if they can receive a copy. We have therefore set up a service so that if you send your email address to we will send you a copy in a pdf format. Once we have your email on file we can also advise you of other events and activities coming up in the near future. For example in the Autumn we are planning a further showing of the historic photos of Paull that date back over 150 years and you will be one of the first to be notified.  

April 11, 2013

Official Opening of New Village Hall

Saturday 30th March 2013 was the day of the Official Opening of the New £500,000 Village Hall within Paull Village. It was a day of mixed feelings, there was great excitement that the day had finally arrived but great sadness at the fact that the man destined to conduct the official opening, Mr Dudley Hulme, had died just a few days before. Dudley, aged 92, was the one person who had done most for the Village Hall over the years and the ceremony was to be symbolic by Mr Hulme handing over the keys to the new hall to the younger children currently at the Primary School. We are most grateful to Mr Hulme’s children Dudley and Dawn who carried out the official duties on behalf of their Father.

Paull Village Hall opens 1

Dudley & Dawn Hulme Cutting the Ribbon

The Observation Deck was the idea of local resident Harold Beedle who officially opened it and is seen here on the balcony with Chairman Paul Cross after the Opening.

Paull Village Hall opens 4

The opening was followed by an open day giving residents to view the building and give their comments. Overall the view of the community was that the New Building exceeded their expectations. On the Saturday evening the hall held a special cabaret night which was enjoyed by all those who attended.

Sunday was another Open Day followed by a family Fun Night culminating in a splendid show of fireworks.

photographs copyright Terry Bearpark

April 10, 2013

‘Class of 43’

Sunday 7th April 2013 was the  70th ANNIVERSARY REUNION of a wartime incident when a barrage balloon exploded near to Paull School blowing in the windows, destroying the roof and closing the building for nine months.

Paull balloon 3

The above photograph shows the people who were registered at the school on that day and who met up at the Village Hall. The people relived the events of the day and also some that took place over the following 6 weeks were they were off school until the village hall was used for classes for the following 8 months.

THE MEMORY from each of the twelve Paull School ex-scholars involved is almost the same; “an explosion, flash… and then everything went black” – but the additional memories, anecdotes and stories from those involved when a wartime barrage balloon crashed and exploded next to Paull School in 1943 are unique treasures!

A 70th reunion of those involved in the incident took place at the Paull Village Hall on Sunday 7th April 2013. Over 30 people attended the event to reminisce and rekindle old friendships.

Forty two school students aged 5 – 14 began their lessons at Paull School on 7th April 1943. At around 9.30am that morning a barrage balloon escaped its Humber moorings and crashed down exploding next to the school. The windows were blown in and generations of dust from the old building and debris from the explosion filled the air creating the blackness remembered by all the scholars.

One half of the students were in scripture class, and in the middle of singing the hymn ‘All things bright and beautiful’ when the explosion happened.

“Miss Parrot was playing the piano. There was an almighty bang, and then everything went black.”

“‘Get under your desks!’ yelled the teacher, but then I remember getting carried outside.”

“I started to get under my desk, but then Shipyard broke down the door and got us out.”

“I just remember the flash, smoke and the dust.”

“There was a big flash, and then I was outside and went to Wilson’s shelter.”

The incident recounted by those present.

Colin Bunting was not at school that day. He was at home, he was ill and it was his 8th birthday.

“I was in my living room admiring my birthday cards, when suddenly the fireplace was turned into a huge orange fireball. The door was blown off and landed on the cot holding my baby sister Nancy, the ceiling fell on top of the door. And no one was hurt! I call this ‘my great escape’. 

Quite a few of the pupils were not at school that day and fortunately escaped the incident – but ironically the ailment that kept many of them away from their wartime lessons, including Colin, was German measles!

Colin and his family were very lucky to escape injury during the incident. In fact there were no serious injuries at all caused that day, just minor cuts and bruises. One of the students, Ann, got glass stuck in her hand and bears the scar to this day. Ann is now well-known in the local area as Ward Councillor Ann Suggit.