River Humber Pipeline Project

Recently National Grid set up a presentation suite on the Crown Inn Car Park to explain to residents their options for constructing a new pipeline as a long-term replacement of an existing natural gas pipeline under the River Humber. 

On 6 December, National Grid launched the first round of consultation on the plans to ask local people for their views on a number of possible routes across the Humber and the potential construction techniques. Over 100 local residents attended a series of events held in at East Halton, Goxhill and Paull. The feedback received will help inform the development of the plans and there will be further consultation in the future. National Grid is urging local residents to give their views on plans to replace the existing natural gas pipeline under the River Humber before the deadline of 21 January. 

The River Humber pipeline is a strategic gas pipeline that runs beneath the River Humber. The pipeline is one of the most important pipelines in the country – connecting a major import location for gas at Easington, on the East Yorkshire coast, to the national network and delivering gas supplies to millions of customers throughout the UK.

The pipeline was built in 1984 and runs in an excavated trench along the river bed, capped by gravel and aggregates, between above ground installations located near Paull, on the north bank of the Humber, and Goxhill, on the south bank.

Over time, the tidal patterns of the River Humber have eroded the river bed covering the existing pipeline, leading to parts of it becoming exposed. On recognising this issue, we developed an innovative engineering solution to protect the pipeline. This involved covering the exposed areas with gravel-filled bags with concrete ‘frond mattresses’ placed over the top. These incorporate plastic fronds to mimic seaweed and encourage the settlement of sand and silt.

This novel approach ensured the pipeline could continue to operate normally in the short term and inspections by maintenance teams have shown that the work has been effective and successful. Because of the importance of the pipeline, we are now looking at the options for constructing a new pipeline as a long-term replacement.

Information about the project and the consultation, including how people can give their views, can be found on the project website at www.nationalgrid.com/riverhumberpipeline or by calling the freephone number on: 0800 988 9144.

 Feedback can be submitted by post to: Freepost National Grid R H Pipeline Project or email to: nationalgrid@riverhumberpipeline.com


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