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October 3, 2012

Paull Community First Responders

Following the request of some people within the village to train and become First Responders we recently organised a meeting of those people and Duncan Kirk from Keyingham First Responders who has offered to train the team. Following that meeting we can now provide more information.

We are looking at recruiting and training a team of COMMUNITY FIRST RESPONDERS in Paull.

Are you interested in volunteering to be part of this life-saving team?
Paull Community First Responders would be a team of dedicated volunteers who would aim to save lives and reduce the number of pre-hospital deaths in the village and surrounding areas.
Working with Yorkshire Ambulance Service you would be trained in basic life-saving skills; CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), using an automatic external defibrillator, and the administration of oxygen. The Village would have to buy its own defibrillator which costs £1,500. The Village Hall Committee will be trying to secure the funding so that the team can be fully supported.
When an emergency call is received by Yorkshire Ambulance Service an ambulance is despatched. At the same time a Community First Responder on call in the village would be alerted to ensure that help reaches a patient as quickly as possible.
You would attend to emergency calls, typically to critically ill patients who have breathing, heart or other medical problems, usually within their homes. You would not attend traffic accidents or dangerous situations.
In a medical emergency, reaching a patient and providing effective treatment within the first few minutes before an ambulance arrives, could save a life.
Who can volunteer?
You must be over 18, with your own vehicle and have a full driving licence. You don’t need any previous medical training, just a willingness to be on call from home for a ‘shift’ of 6 hours a week.
You must be willing to attend a weekend of initial training, and regular monthly refresher training to be held in Keyingham on the third Monday of every month.
Interested? Then click here  print off the form  return the completed form to  either Myra Dale 17 Rosegarth Bungalows, Joan Brady 15 Holme Close or Brenda Foreman 13 Leonards Close or for more information call Paul Cross on 07711797200.