School Yellow Zig Zag Lines

The headmaster of our school, Mr Paul Rowe, has raised serious concerns about the number of incidents where people are parking on the yeloow Zig Zag lines outside the school. These lines are there to prevent parking outside the school so that the children can arrive and depart safely. He believes there is a serious accident waiting to happen on this busy main street which is also a bus route. Can we ask that people do respect the Health and Safety of our children and DO NOT PARK on these yellow zig zag lines. If you see anyone ignoring the signs would you please politely remind them of the serious health and safety hazards to our children,

One Comment to “School Yellow Zig Zag Lines”

  1. Since parking is such a difficulty down the Main Street, am I correct in thinking that realistically cars can park on them overnight (say 5pm to 7am) and on weekends? Are the parents to be reminded of this also, as I observe several of them parking there to drop off/pick up their kids? I’m not having a go at them by the way – Main Street cannot take the number of cars – most addresses have one, if not two vehicles and some people even save spaces which also doesn’t help the situation!

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