Proposed New Village Hall

Our stage 3 and final application to the National Lottery Reaching Communities – Community Buildings is due to be completed and submitted at the beginning of April 2012. As part of the application we have made a short annimation DVD of what the Proposed New Village Hall might look like. Have a look and then click on ‘Leave a Comment’ and let us know what you think.

We are also working on submitting a planning application for a wind turbine to be installed and we have shown what this might look like and also welcome your comments.

5 Comments to “Proposed New Village Hall”

  1. Marvellous! The regeneration and good cheer brought about by this development could be – and should be – infectious!

  2. Looks really great, will be a credit to the village, lets get started. Well done Paul.

  3. Looks really great, will be a credit to the village, lets start building now. Thanks for all your hard work Paul.

  4. Very impressive a lot of hard work has gone in to this project it really is a credit to the village and everyone should be proud to be associated with such a modern looking building that will benifit the community and all who use it, let us hope that this is only the start of a fantastic regeneration programme for the village, good luck lets hope the lottery application is successful.

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