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March 30, 2012

Where They Drilling for Oil

A s the school children walked past the Village Hall on Thursday afternoon (29th March) this is what they saw.

The children were heard to say “There Drilling for Oil”  Well we were certainly drilling but unfortunately we did not find any oil. The drill went down 14 metres to examine the ground conditions upon which we hope the New Village Hall will stand. It confirmed that the first 2 metres is just rubbish that has been dumped or washed onto this area at one time reclaimed from the River. 3 metres down is nothing but water and below that the ground gets better with glacial boulder clay about 2 million years old and probably washed down by a glacier from the North. It confirms that we shall have to build the new hall on about 16 piles going down 10 metres.

March 23, 2012

Paull Enterprise Zone

In his speech to an audience of 250 businesspeople, MPs and council leaders, Mr Alexander confirmed that HM Treasury had approved the Humber LEP’s request to extend Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) to the Paull site in the LEP’s second Enterprise Zone. The extra tax breaks could support up to £200m of investment in addition to up to £300m of investment on the first Enterprise Zone.

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March 5, 2012

Dog Mess

Dog fouling is consistently raised as a concern by the public. The majority of dog owners behave responsibly and clean up after their pet. However, dog mess left by a minority of irresponsible owners is often the cause of complaints.

In recent weeks I have been asked, by some local residents and a member of the Parish Council, to remind the village about the increasing amount of Dog Mess left by irresponsible owners. One resident recently wrote to the website saying :-

“Dog mess – Irresponsilble dog owners !!!!! I am most disgusted to see the amount of dog mess left by some dog owners. I am a responsible dog owner who ALWAYS picks up my dogs poo. I take pride in where I live, I do not want it considered as a dog S**T village !!! Don’t be fooled, it is not always the people who visit our village that don’t clean up after their dog – I have seen for myself local village people who basically think they have a god damn right to not pick it up !!! WHY WHY WHY ?

If I witness one more person not picking up their dogs mess I personally will report you, there you have it. If you cant be bothered to take care of your dog properly, it is simple, don’t have one. I will name and shame you.”.

It is clear that feelings on this subject are running high and, although people are reluctant to report people, action will be required in the near future. If you are caught the fine is £1,000. Please take a dog poop scoop when you go out with your dog and please CLEAN IT UP.  Thank You