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April 22, 2011

Big Lottery Application for Funding

We recently reported that we had applied to The Big Lottery for funding to help with the construction of the proposed New Village Hall. Our application was sent off on the 11th February 2011 and after some discussions with the team at the Big Lottery we re-submitted our application on the 23rd March 2011. I have today (21st April 2011) received an email from them that reads:

“Dear Paul

I am pleased to tell you that we would like you to submit a full application to the Reaching Communities programme as your project is one that our committee might consider funding. Please find attached an application form and a letter that gives you some important information about your application”.

I am, therefore, very pleased to announce that our project to create a new Paull Village Hall that will benefit all sections of the community by improving its way of life, provide additional facilities, and reduce social exclusion has been accepted for the second stage of a three part application process.

We now have 3 months in which to complete this second stage to see if we will be accepted to the third and final stage. We stated in our application that the outcomes of the project are as follows:-

Outcome 1:       Improve the well-being, social and recreational opportunities, medical health of the community at an affordable cost and reduce social exclusion
Outcome 2:       Greater involvement from all sections of the community and creating a cohesive structure
Outcome 3:       Engage younger generation, providing additional resources to the school and social events to improve citizen skills and reduce anti-social behavior.
Outcome 4:       Ensure the elderly members of the community are kept physically, mentally and socially active

The second stage is all about demonstrating how these objectives can be achieved.

In the meantime can I thank the whole community for your help and support in reaching this point, and whilst there is still a long way to go we can all be a little more optimistic that we can achieve our dream of seeing this